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18 hours dead in landslide, 3 days residence in guard house: Jayaram

Landslide: Jayaram gets stuck for 18 hours JAYAMAM VIDEO TIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Actor Jayaram has said that he has suffered 18 hours in the landslide. Actor Jayaram was accompanied by his daughter Malavika, wife Parvathi, from Chennai to a car in Kerala. He was trapped in a landslide while walking in a car in Kerala. He said on Facebook about my wife and daughter, I suffered 18 hours in the landslide. The Vadakunaseri police came and safely rescued us. We were staying in the guard house for 3 days because there was no way to go anywhere. They took good care of us. Thank you very much for the police. Jayaram, who returned home after 3 days, was involved in relief work with his family. Jayaram has been offering water, tablet, biscuits and clothing to people in relief camps.
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