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7 lakh refugees in Red Alert Warning withdrawal in Kerala

Image result for "kerala"Sprinklers, Malappuram, Ernakulam, Wayanad * Reduced recovery due to rain
Trivandrum: In the wake of the devastating rains in Kerala, 7.25 lakh people have been sheltered in relief camps as rescue services are in serious condition. Meanwhile, Red Alert withdraws because the intensity of rain started to decline. In Kerala, there have been serious consequences for the past one week due to the devastation caused by the karadthavam. 39 people died on the same day yesterday due to rain. 12 in Chengannur, 15 in Alappuzha district and 13 in Ernakulam district. 58 thousand 506 people were rescued on the same day yesterday. It is said that more than 10 thousand people have been living in Chengannur, Thandanadu, Aluva and Salakudai for over 5 days without enough drinking water. The rescue work is ongoing. In the meanwhile, a person was found in a landslide near Nelmara area near Palakkad. The death toll in this area has risen to 10. In the meanwhile, bus transportation has been halted since last four days. The first buses were opened from Ernakulam to Kodarakkarai and Kottayam from Trivandrum. Sengunoor and Thandanadu are still floating in floods. More than 5,000 people in these areas are exhausted. The boat went with 6 people yesterday to rescue them. But this boat is sudden and it's magical. It was a big stir. They were rescued by the naval helicopter rescue operation.
Red alert withdrawal: Additional Director General of Indian Meteorological Department, General Mirideen Mukhetha said, "In Kerala, the last 16th and 17th of the 17th and 11cm rains occurred. But in the last three days, the intensity of rain has declined. Yesterday only rains recorded 9 cm. In the last three days, the intensity of rain has decreased. Only heavy rainfall is expected in Kozhikode, Kannur and Idukki districts. In other areas, there is no possibility of heavy rain for the next 4 days. So there is no red or orange warning. " In the meanwhile, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in Thiruvananthapuram: The impact of the devastating rain that Kerala has not stagnated has not diminished. Most of the victims were flooded. Relief works have reached the final stage. There are still only a few places to perform rescue operations. 5,165 camps have been opened throughout the state. 7 lakh 24 thousand 649 people have been kept in this house.
According to the preliminary survey, the damage to the roads is 4,441. 221 bridges are damaged. There are still 59 bridges under the flood. A lot of students have been beaten by floods. Free books will be given to students soon. The textbooks are printed and prepared. Free uniform will be provided. I would like to express my gratitude to the other state governments that have helped to wipe out this tragedy for Kerala. Malappuram, Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Wayanad and Ernakulam have been severely affected by this rainfall in Kerala. Most of the areas here have been flooded with floods and have caused great difficulty for the people. It has been revealed that people have more days of normal life. It is expected to take some days to remove the mud, garbage and garbage. There are wartime rescue and relief works in these areas.
The humanity of the crystal to climb the boatThe floods surrounding the residents were recovered by boat. Women were unable to climb on the boat from the water of the waist. The person who was in the rescue service immediately bent into the water and moved to a stadium. Social networks did not fail to appreciate the humanity that helped him bump into the muddy muddy water.
The funeral of Subramaniam at the camp in the camp: religion is past humanityThe floods caused by rains in Kerala have been destroyed by a large number of people in the relief camps. Those who have lost their homes in Idukki district, have been staying in the Chitraapuram Government Higher Secondary School. Subramaniam (65) from Routheri II mile in this camp died on Saturday morning due to a health problem. Landslides, rain and floods relieved relatives of his body. At St. Ans Church Shinto went to see those who were staying at the Chitrapur relief camp. His son Suresh and son-in-law told Shindō that Subramaniyan had no funeral and had no body buried.

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