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Actress Shriya comments on politics

 I am not at all fit for politics Actress shriya saran Shivaji's famous actress Shriya told journalists on the forehead that it was impossible to come to politics. Actress Shreya is not getting the chance of Tamil films in recent times and after a long break, actress Arvind Samy is back in Tamil with the movie "Narakasran". The film is directed by Karthik Narain and produced by Badri Kasthuri.

When Shriya met journalists in Chennai to talk about this film, she said that she is very happy to come in Tamil after a long break and that she is close to her mind in the movie, and that she is a privilege to play Rajinikanth. He also said that Rajinikanth is a good human being who can be viewed equally from the youngest to the elder and that he has never met a man like me in my life. More and more people like you, like cinema actresses like Vijayasanthi and Jayaprada, come to politics as you do politics. I'm not sure. Actress Shriya said, "I have a lot to know to come to politics and I do not deserve a little more than that.
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