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Can you do this for a girlfriend? The incident that shook the police

The thing that a youth has done to convince his lover in India has shocked the police.
Nilesh Kethekar (25) from the Pimpri Chinmat area in Maharashtra. There is a disagreement between him and his love. Thus Nilesh handled a new initiative to convince his beloved.
In the main roads of the Pimpri area, I have the words 'Shruti' forgive me. These boards were placed in several important traffic jams.
The police said, 'Recently, there is a fight between Nation and his love. So he has done this to convince him that Nilesh.
His girlfriend has returned to Mumbai from Bombay on 17th. So he has about 300 boards in the way. His friend Vilas Shinde has been helping him.
On the last 16th and 17th, they have boarded the main roads at night. Action will be taken against them ".

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