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Can you reconcile the Sinhala school of Jaffna?

The old school students and teachers requested to resume the Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya to rebuild reconciliation and unity in the North.
During the discussion between the students of the Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya and the Teachers Union, held on Sunday (26) at the Jaffna Divisional Secretariat.
In further detail,
About 30 years later, we are exploring the next phase of the meeting, with the aim of resuming this school with the old students and teachers of Sinhalese Maha Vidyalaya, from several districts and abroad.
Over the past 30 years, six students from Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim, Paura, Mala and Bunkeri have been educated at this school. During this time, six ethnic students were educated with unity and reconciliation.
During the course of the year, learning activities were not conducted in the school so as not to identify any ethnic groups who did not create ethnic and religious differences.
The Sangam Maha Vidyalaya has been established with the intention of reorganizing the Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya with a view to creating harmony and reconciliation between the communities in order to create unity and reconciliation in the Northern Province.
There is talk of reconciliation in all districts of Sri Lanka. But the Jaffna district did not find any mention of reconciliation.
To create reconciliation, one must first create a school. The first step is to carry out the initiative to restart this school which was previously operated.
The school was burned after the disaster in the country. When the Indian Army arrived in 1989, we left school.
Start the school again and make the unity and reconciliation between us. In the Nuwara Eliya district Tamils ​​- Sinhalese people live very united.
The situation must be created in the north. By reconstructing the school, the unity and reconciliation will be created automatically.
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