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Chennai - Salem 8 Traffic Scheme: Interim Interim Bail for Land Acquisition!

Image result for The Madras High CourtThe Madras High Court has ordered the removal of those in the land acquisition for the Chennai-Salem Green Line project until re-issue.
The Government of Tamil Nadu announced that 1900 hectares of land will be acquired in five districts, including Salem, Thiruvannamalai, Dharmapuri and Kanchipuram for the 8th Green road project to be set up between Chennai and Salem. Public welfare cases were filed in Chennai High Court on behalf of landlords and various persons demanding a ban.
The case was filed by the High Court Judges DS. Sivagnanam and Bhavani Subari were present before the hearing. The public should be aware that people are being harassed during the acquisition of land for this purpose and should raise awareness among the people. On August 15, 18th, the Gram Sabha meeting was notified that the people's decision was not passed by the petitioners and the farmers who acquired the land.
The Attorney General's attorney said that the public prosecutor had issued a leaflet for the public and that the claimant who claims to harass the people is false. He said that nobody was harassed during land-scale activities. We are guaranteed that we will not remove anyone at present.
The judges are cutting roadside trees for road construction. The judges expressed dissatisfaction that the government does not maintain proper maintenance of the trees planted as a replacement for cutting trees.
Subsequently, the judges should not remove the people in the land acquisition for the greenhouse project until the court orders reinstate. Do not cut trees in the areas of the road. The judges ordered that the land should not be disrupted without land permits in the affected land and the case was postponed to September 11.

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