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Did Nithya see this work done by Balaji?

நீலிக் கண்ணீர் Nithya did not change his mind and beat Balaji. His wife Nidya wrote a letter to Balaji in Big Boss 2 home. He advised Balaji not to leave the front and back to the other side. Nithya advised her to tell Balaji that he was talking to others behind.

Balaji has great affection for Janani in the bald balaji Big Boss. He will call him gold and lake. In this situation he spoke about Janani. That's not the attachment to Janani, seeing the parents of fellow contestants coming to the big bass home. What is Balaji to come to him?

The audience knows that Janani is not the blue tear of blue tears in blue bass. There is a lot of difference between the fake tears and the blue tears when Balaji can not accept what Janani does. One can not even conclude that he speaks in Promo and he is talking about Janani.

He was talking about Mumdaji and Bhojpuri. Asked what was Aishwarya speaking language, he stunned the artist to see if there was anything in Bengal. You go to the cents.

Nettisans who have written the letter Nithya wrote that Balaji did not succeed. Can you change the habit of several days in one day?

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