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DMK to teach Modi Modi MK Stalin's furious speech

மோடி அரசுக்கு பாடம் புகட்டுவோம்
தி.மு.க. தலைவராக தேர்ந்து எடுக்கப்பட்ட மு.க.ஸ்டாலின் பரபரப்பு பேச்சுDMK The General Meeting was held yesterday at Chennai Anna Arivalayam. At this meeting DMK It was officially announced that MK Stalin was elected as the leader. DMK Speaking at the general committee of MK Stalin,

I am not a leader artist (Karunanidhi), he can not speak or talk like. He does not rule the language like him. But I stand in front of you who has something to try.

The artist praised me for living in the "Father's Wonderful Wonder". He explained my name to "labor, labor, and labor". As an example of this praise speech, I live in labor, labor, and labor throughout my life. "The club is much bigger than me," said the artist. On his way I also say, "The club is bigger than me." DMK It is more than any individual. The Udayasuriya symbol is more than any individual. The black-red flag is larger than any individual.

My lack of art is not the artist to see the stage in this stage. However, our professor G. Anbazhagan is the Dravidian pillar of the artist.

The artist has repeatedly said, "I have a sister, brother, professor and brother with me".

So, I am gonna be great. Daddy is here though there is no father. Daddy is the one who proposed me before my father. If you have 100 times harder to get a good name with my father, I know it is 200 times harder to get a good name with a bigger one.

"The next head of the leadership is for MK Stalin." I'm proud to be the leader of that professor before choosing.

Our DMK Is the fortress raised by four pillars of rationality, self-esteem, social justice and equality. When we look at the state government, equality, self-esteem, the state of equity, social justice and rational thinking and the central government that disturbs us all.

We are in the heart of the present day state government in the name of the Government in the day-to-day looting of the Tamil people.

It is our first duty to remove these social evils and release Tamil Nadu from thieves.

Who are we before we prepare for the struggles outside? What are our policies? What are the faults in us? What are the changes we need to make over time? These questions did not allow me to sleep for a few days. I woke up and saw a dream. I dreamed a beautiful future.

I want to share some of the dreams of this dream with you today. It is my dream, our Tamils, our country, our world and all this is the dream of a new, happy dream. In the soil, the species does not stay in the soil, as it changes the time of the changes. Let's start with the changes.

Today you will see and listen to MK Stalin. I am born newly. It's a different one.

Here's where I've been born with DMK's genes and the dreams of making a good future. My congratulations to all of you who are born with me. It's new. What are the policies of our company in that beautiful future?

Speaking aloud is the rationality of a world of knowledge. Appreciate the female as equal to male. Equal Rights of the Transgender, Disabled Persons Community Restore the freedom of the individual and media opinion and to defend and respect freedom of expression. To oppose parties who want to get rid of the words of the whole country, These are some particles of my long dream. This future is not far away. Here's how to get out of this moment.

I'm so excited to fully demonstrate this dream. I'm also aware that it is impossible to do it as a person.

With the birth of my life and the art of the superior artist, I can not confirm this greatness without you. This is not my dream, it's our dream. The dream of our club. Why, this is the dream of Tamil Nadu. Come let me come with me.

Come to teach Modi government to think of kavi color across India. Let's throw this state of the invertebrate state. Let's gorge this beautiful future together.

I'm going forward. I did not call you back. We call all we go together.

Everyone is the leader. I am a volunteer too. Everyone here is equal. No one should be self-concerned about the party's future in the contest of the bigger. You must be headed for leadership.

The head is running, running, and running in response to your thoughts. Party guys, this is the time of the yearFor More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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