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Do you know Janani's first job after leaving the bigg Boss?

Image result for bigg boss jananiThe first thing to do Janani after leaving the big bass - the video
Chennai: After coming out of the bigg Boss 2 home, Janani has come to know what to do first.

In the bigg Boss 2 house, the boy is a boy who does not go to the fuss with the fox. Kamal Haasan said yesterday that his contribution to come is to come down.

As if he had decided to leave the place unknown.

mental stress
Everyone in the big bass house is under stress. If you are fighting for 24 hours, you can be relieved. We could not see them fighting for an hour. When they are in the middle of that fight, how will they be? Money can not deny that they have come for praise.

After coming from the big boss, Janani is going to take his sister to travel abroad. This is his sister. This tour will definitely give you the impression of the stress caused by the sin. Janani's market is expected after the big bass event.

Janani's mother uncle died recently. It does not seem to be in bigg Boss 2 home. If he knows, he will leave the big bass home immediately. How will Janani get upset about the tragedy in his home after coming out?

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