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Einkaranasan says the federation is stupid to catch a grassroot

01Tamils believed that the Tamil National Liberation Tigers would be adopted by the Tamil National Liberation Tigers after the end of the war. That is why they conquered the federal election in the parliamentary elections and the Provincial Council elections.

But today they are talking to the government's voice as far as saying that it is not the Tamil massacre in contrast to the people's expectations. In the case of Tamil national politics today, The Tamil National Green Movement leader and Northern Provincial Council member P.Ingaranarasan has shown that it is foolish to continue.

The event, which provides assistance to selected beneficiaries and Community Centers from the donated funds donated by the Provincial Provincial Fund to the UNI, was held at the Netaji Community Center in Kokkuvil. He said this while addressing this.
Where he continued,

Vigneswaran, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, is the most spoken Tamil politician in Sri Lankan politics. The media is taking place in the media as to whether Vigneswaran will be the next Chief Minister of the North or whether the new coalition will be set up or will continue in the TNA. The response is that the former Minister Teniswaran has given the advice to the Chief Minister that they do not want to destroy the Tamil National Coalition.

The LTTE was involved in the creation of the Tamil National Alliance. The summit of the federation was with the LTTE. But today there is no tie. This leads to the federal party's name, the principal party, which decides to take over all partnerships and make its own autocratic decisions. This is the main reason for the weakness of the TNA.

Some political parties expire in time, as the goods expire. The Tamil National Alliance is still in a position to expire today due to the failure of the Tamil National Alliance to take a democratic stand. So the chief minister does not have the necessity to weaken the federation.

The parties' time of existence and their work for the time is determined. The Tamil Task Force was formed because of the changes in Tamil Coordination. Nobody has objected to this then to weaken the Tamil Eelam Liberation Tigers. Welcomed the need for time.

Likewise, Tamils have felt the need for a new political leadership and the need for a new political team to win their political ambitions after the war. He said the results of the local elections were just a witness.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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