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Flood in Tamil Nadu: Chief Minister visited the affected areas

Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy will be visiting today (Sunday) to visit floods in Tamil Nadu-Erode and Namakkal districts.
For this purpose, today (Sunday) from Chennai to Coimbatore.
Following this, it is also reported that the floods in Bhavani, Kumarapalayam, Pallapalayam and Karungalapalayam will be visited by road from Coimbatore.
Following the events, the Indian media has reported that Ettapady will be holding a Palanisamy Alasan meeting with the officials at Erode Tourism House.
The flooding in the Kollidam river is flooded with over a thousand homes in the crocodile plate near the river, the crocodile plate, the river basin and the white sand.
In this situation, they have stayed in 8 camps.

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