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Grandfather and grandson, as well as the mix of comedy!

nagesh grandson bijesh nagesh ready to show his comedy skill in movieNagesh's grandson Bijesh Nagesh comes in to act as a comedian in the movie like Grandfather Nagesh.

Nagesh's grandson and the son of Anand Babu, Bijesh Nagesh, who is currently playing a comedian after grandparents. Now she is acting in many films. Bijesh has acted in 'Survar Sundaram' which is produced by actor Santhanam. Next he is acting as a scientist in the film 'All Things' Nagesh is also acting as a police force in the film 'Ponnu Ganikayev' which is currently being produced by Prabhu Deva.

Pranesh Nagesh commented on his cinema life, "I am the grandson of my grandfather Nagesh. Therefore, Grandpa's wish is to have my grandfather's name together. Everyone knows how high he is in comedy. I think it is a big achievement because of defending his name. Now that I'm all right comedy is the comedy domain. Prabhu Deva praised the scenes in the film 'Ponnu Ganikkavel'. Very happy. Fans will now look at my performance and say, "Faisal Nagesh said.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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