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How does the book enter without needing?

Tamil Cinema News: Actress Srirty is from Telugu cinema. Telugu film directors, young actors and producers have accused the accused of sexually exploiting her.
Half a naked fight took place. Director Murugadoss, Actor Srikanth and Sundar C have been accused of sexually exploiting and claiming to be a cinema opportunity in the name of Srirty Tamil leaks, which is based in Chennai from the Telugu film world. Many have thrown the battlefield against Srtretti.
Director Bharathirajah has commented on the allegations of sexual assault on Sri Reddy's Tamil film screen.
Bharathiraja Sriretti interviewed a private news channel: -
How does the book enter without needing? All rights reserved. Everything has happened with Srirti's consent.
If he does not, then he does not seek advertising. Do not blame the entire cinema industry for this.
Thus Bharathiraja said.

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