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'Hunger for Literature': Vairamuthu, the poet laughed by poetry

"Literary hunger for this month's death. That is why Karunanidhi, who was a hut in the south and Vajpayee who was a sea in the north, enjoyed the same month, "said poet Vairamuthu in his condolence message.
The message of Vairamuthu has also been stated,
"Vajpayee's death is not a death. Two deaths were a leader and a poet.
It is my belief that the tears of Vajpayee are to be heard during his tears.He has a linguistic character which has no language that does not degrade his language and has a lack of humor.
Vajpayee's life is an excellent example of the one who is poetic to the end of his life.
The love that I have been invited to the release of the Tamil version of his poems during Vajpayee's Prime Minister still wet my eyes.
Vajpayee's life now reveals that the hearts can rest at the point of humanity despite the principle of difference. That's the whole country that tears for him, "said poet Vairamuthu in his obituary.

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