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I will ask you to change the policy on getting help from abroad: KJ Alphonse

Image result for help from abroad: KJ AlphonsNew Delhi- "I will urge the central government to change the policy of the previous Manmohan Singh regime that does not get help from overseas," said Union Tourism Minister KJ. Says Albans. "This is the policy of the government that has been followed since 2004. This has continued in all circumstances from tsunami to Uttarakhand floods. However I would like to change it for my state. Because I have seen the tragedy of Kerala. We need money, "said Alfons, who has been visiting flood estimates over the past ten days.
Opposition parties have been critical of the government's refusal to accept the financial assistance of the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. Yesterday, the Government of India declared, "According to the policy currently pursued, it does not receive foreign aid, The government is committed to mobilizing the funds required for relief through domestic efforts ". The federal government, however, has said that it can not accept overseas assistance, while "the prime minister, the chief of the relief fund, accounts for foreign nationals, Indians of Indian origin and international NGOs." The state's position in this matter has earned opposition to the ruling Left Front government in Kerala. Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac has criticized the federal government on Twitter by claiming the English convention is a parallel to the "dog in the manger policy". The central government has so far allocated Rs 760 crore to the Government of India for immediate relief and relief work. Kerala Government has more money for the relief work now. There is no problem at all. Then the chief minister Panarayi Vijayan agrees. "If the need for more money is needed ... it is necessary to send the people back to their homes. It is necessary to reconstruct Kerala. Every house has to be rebuilt. Where is the finances for this? This requires a lot of funds, "he added
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