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It rains for 10 days in Tamil Nadu! Will flood - Tamil Nadu Weatherman

Image result for Tamil Nadu! rainTamil Nadu Weatherman report: Tamil Nadu Weatherman announced that the next 10 days would be heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu.
In this regard, Tamil Nadu Weatherman Pradeepanan posted on his Facebook page, "Tamil Nadu is likely to have a thunderstorm for 10 days. The rain will be in the next 10 days even in areas where there is no monsoon. Over the past week, the rains hit the western state of Tamil Nadu.
After a short break, rain in the east is to do his job.For the next few days, you can expect thunderstorm in Tamil Nadu and Chennai everyday.
There will be rain even today in the North. Today, the clouds that move from Kanchipuram to the South Chennai suburbs are likely to rain. Maybe you can expect good rain for the next 10 days even if it does not rain this night.
But there is no rain like the flood. Such rains do not flood in Chennai.
As for Kerala, the rain is currently in the gap. But sometimes, in some places it may rain. But there will not be too heavy to threaten, "Tamil Nadu Weatherman said.
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