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Mahinda Rajapaksa facing court verdict

Image result for Mahinda Rajapaksa facing court verdictFormer Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa In 2005, he became Sri Lanka President. He continued to contest the 2010 election and became the second president of Sri Lanka. Only one in Sri Lanka can become Principal twice. In the meantime, Rajapaksa, who changed the law in 2010, contested for the third term as president in 2015. But this time he did not give people the opportunity. After failing, Maithree Bala Sirisena became the new President of Sri Lanka. When he took office, Rajapakse replaced the law.

Accordingly, the old law was enforced that one can only be a chapper twice. The issue has been culminated, and the matter has now been hampered. Former President Rajapaksa has filed a suit in the Supreme Court against the Sri Lankan government's amendment. Speaking to reporters, Rajapaksa said, "I am confident that I will become the third president. We will judge in the case that we have filed against the amendment in the Supreme Court. We hope to win the judgment. "

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