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MK Azhagiri is getting ready to conduct a peace rally towards Karunanidhi Samadhi.

Image result for mk azhagiriMK Azhagiri is getting ready to conduct a peace rally towards Karunanidhi Samadhi. After showing anger in Marina against Stalin, Azhagiri does not speak to any of the members of the family, "says Gopalapuram.

Alagiri on the 13 th anniversary of DMK leader Karunanidhi's tomb in Chennai Marina, "Karunanidhi's true believers are on my side. I came here to tell my favor. ' On the day after (14.8.2018) DMK executive committee walked, Alaniri's two tax interviews were carefully observed in the political circles. But the reactionary leader Stalin reacted through the letter, saying, 'I was cultivated by the artist. I will not be afraid of rustle. I will win the challenges in and around the club. " It was reported that all of these words were said to be centered on the mantra. The Green Signal was not available from Stalin's side for the beauty of the masks by the family members of the family members' back to the DMK. This anger was revealed in Marina by Alagiri.

Alagiri, who seriously considered the supporters of Stalin, said, "We will hold a peace rally on the 30th day of the death of the leader. Mobilize the true believers of the leader ". "A new supervisor told us that the new Chief Secretariat will hold a peace rally from the adjoining brother to the Karunanidhi Samadhi, where the rally will be held between 10am and 12am on the 5th, initially intended to mobilize 25,000. We have decided Ana alakiriye directly involved in preparatory work. The rally will end next course of action, "he said at length.

At the same time, members of the family are angry with the illusory. "Stalin did not give any answer to the demands of Selvi, Murasoli's wealth, and the Tamils, when Karunanidhi was admitted to the Kaveri hospital, and said," Alagiri should be included in the party. "At one point, Stalin firmly stated that he was not allowed to go to the Samadhi. We do not expect Murudasulal's wealth, and we can not bear the anger, saying, 'What is the situation after the president's death and we're in the same time?' After Marina's incident, Azharuddin and many family members do not face anybody's face, "says a family member.

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