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Mullaitivu Sinhala Settlement Mahaweli Authority has provided land

 Mahaweli Authority has issued land orders for permanent resident and permanent resident Sinhala fishermen in the Tamil villages of Kokkalai, Karunakadigani, Kokku Thoduvai on the southern side of Mullaitivu-Nayyar area. This has caused confusion among the Tamil people.

The Tamil people were evicted from Kokkalai, Karunagatchekani and Kokkodudu districts due to the war in 1983.

In the meanwhile, the Sinhalese fishermen have been asked to give permission to permanently reside and luxury bungalows in coastal areas have been set up.

As Tamil fishermen faced various difficulties, a case was filed against two Sinhala fishermen from Karithirippattu Divisional Secretariat.

In the judgment of the case, the Sinhalese fishermen were sentenced to leave the Tamil people.

In this case, the Mahaweli Authority has provided land orders for 8 people, including the fishermen, in the Kokkadodu villages of Kokkadodu and permanently residing in the villages.

Does the Mahaweli Authority have the authority to discredit the law order in this country through the Mahaweli Authority landing orders issued by the Mullaitivu court where it has ruled that the Sinhalese fishermen should be evicted from the occupied land? Mullaithivu District Representatives and People have raised questions.

Furthermore, the Mahaweli Authority is now measuring the lands that have not been resettled in the villages of Mahaweli Authority, Kokkilai, Kokkuthoduvai and Karunatakkeni.

People have suspected that Sinhalese people will soon be settled in these lands.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள்
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