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Neethan Shan was successful in the election Scarborough Rouge

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 NDP candidate Neethan Shan won the debate for all candidates of the Scarborough Rouge River for Canada, Scarborough - Rogers TV. Neethan Sunni put forward his strong plans for the fight for transportation, water supply and health services for the Scarborough group. "People of the Scarborough Rouge River have long been anticipated to expect that Kathleen will meet their needs. He was insulted by the people of Scarborough because he failed to fulfill the promises made during the election. I will struggle to get good jobs for the block people, to reduce the power tariff, to upgrade the hospitals, and to set up a spatial mining railway soon. " Kathleen's candidate argued that the Scarborough people were left unattended by the Kathleen government and that the Water Board was sold to the private company and that the promises were violated. Neethan SHan thanked the Conservative candidate Raymond Chow's long-term service while pointing out that Raymond Sol was silent in the entire debate and failed to argue for Scarborough . "Even if their water charges are rising to the sky, Another popular backward member of the Kathleen government, which can not be argued for Scarborough , while people are waiting for better new jobs while waiting for a long time in the Emergency Department category, is not useful for the people of the Sculptor Rouge and their families, "Neethan Sun said. "Raymond; We thank you for their long-term service and his efforts. But the work must be done immediately without delay. Now it is necessary for someone to fight for the right and the rights of the people of the Scarborough area. " Neethan Shan lives with his wife Thatsha and two boys in the Scarborough Rouge.

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