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Oviya -aaravlove affirmation - Viral photo released

Image result for aaravActress Oviyay and aaravare closely watched by the cinematic roots of social networks.
In the last Picc as season, actress Oviya loves aarav. But, Arrow did not accept his love. So, she left the frustrated Oviya show. But he agreed to give him a kiss.
Soon after leaving the show, Oviya made her fans 'coolest' on her Twitter page. aaravcontinued to say that Oviya and I are getting used to friendship.
In that case, Oviya released a photo on her Twitter page that was closer to aarav. Many of his fans were shocked by this. No, no .. do not call me a comment. At the same time, many are greeting Oviya.
In this scenario, Oviya and aarav are in close proximity to Thailand. By this they are sure that they both started to love. However, it is believed that the love of concealed love for a few years, like conventional cinemas.

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