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Pope condemns sexual abuse of children against children

Image result for PopePope Francis has written a letter to the Roman Catholics.In a letter to the "God's People" letter, it is necessary to end the "death culture". He has condemned sexual abuse in the divorce and not condemned.This is the first time the Pope wrote a letter to the whole Catholics about sexual harassment.In a letter of 2000 words, he spoke directly about the incident in the United States and stated that he failed to act quickly.He noted that "the pain of the suffering of the victims" has long been ignored."We have acknowledged with shame and sorrow that there was no church where we were to live, and we failed to take a quick step without understanding the depths of the lives of many lives," he added."We did not care about children, we left them without notice"Pope pointed to the biblical text of everyone's sorrow, saying that the churches should accept the facts.In his letter, Pope said, "We must apologize and condemn the churches and condemnation of the anarchy of people who are in danger of protecting the hardships of the holy people, clergy and victims.Although this letter of the Pope is welcome, many have expressed their view that measures should be taken to prevent such crimes.
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