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Reconciliation of celebrating the success of the Sinhala government request to remove logos

Chief Minister of the Northern Province CVVigneswaran said that it was true that the demands of the President to remove the monuments because of the impact of the mood of the people during the war memorials.

Northern Provincial Chief Minister CVVigneswaran had sent a letter to the Chief Minister on the 14th to remove the war memorials in the Northern Province.

The Chief Minister said when asked about this. He added, it is true that the monuments were demolished. The monuments show Sinhala supremacy.

I have informed the President that there are opportunities to create a peaceful environment that can eliminate monuments because of the harm that can harm the harmony and peace.

The president does not know what kind of opinion he has taken. But we have the obligation to tell these things.

When you see this monument, people are angry. Old memories are suffering. So, I have requested immediate action.

But the Chief Minister also said that he was not available from the President till now.

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