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Release of 500 acres within December - 780 million rupees will be allocated to Treasury Compensation

The Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement Secretary Suresh said that 500 acres of land will be released soon, including the military-controlled areas of the North-East, including high security zones.
"The government has allocated 780 million rupees to migrate the military camps in private lands and hand them over to land owners before December.
Treasury officials have agreed in a meeting last Friday to release the funds to meet the transfer of military camps.
The Army will restore the lands of the people and regulate their security borders.
Lands identified for release, Jaffna In the district, in the north of Achchuveli, in the north, in the northern and northern regions of the district, in the villages of Kali, Pali, Muhamalai, and Batticaloa district,
The respective Divisional Secretaries will take action to ensure the owners of these lands. "

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