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Reliance shares at the highest unprecedented level .. What is the reason?

வரலாறு காணாத உச்சத்தில் ரிலையன்ஸ் பங்குகள்.. என்ன காரணம்..? China's Alibaba is planning to invest in Reliance Retail and negotiate the deal. Major investments on Reliance stocks on Monday pushed the market to a large boost to the investors. Goldman Sachs has led the Alibaba company to move the project into the negotiations. As of today, 7.7 million Reliance shares have been traded on a monthly basis, and a day it has traded about 4.9 million shares. Reliance Industries shares rose by 2.65 per cent to over Rs 1,236.80 per barrel today. Read the Tamil Goodrutens Messages immediately

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