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Removal of ban on cell phone use by students in colleges

The ban on the use of cell phones in Tamilnadu colleges has been removed. The academic department has taken this decision because there is a problem in fully implementing it.
Cellphone use has already been banned in schools and is in force. As per the colleges, clothing has been imposed for students. Similarly, there are no issues with 'rocking' issues.
Students should be blocked from using the cell phones because college lessons should not be distracted and cell phone use should not be eradicated. In most colleges this directive is actively followed.
Image result for cell phone ban chennaiOccasionally the test is conducted and the cell phones are seized from students. Some colleges may be brought to cellphone college, but students are advised to do a 'switch-off' at the time.
The Higher Education Department of Tamil Nadu has decided to remove the ban on cell phone use in colleges. It is also planning to conduct further consultations and conduct further action.
Although all students coming to college are barred from using cellphones, there are many issues in full implementation. And there seems to be contradiction in bringing students in the mood to accept these rules.
So the restriction imposed by cellphone is removed. A meeting of higher education officials will be held soon. The government will announce the next steps to consider.
Meanwhile, Higher Education Department has taken steps to establish 3000 Honorary Lecturers from Government Arts and Science Colleges to work at Rs 25 thousand. In the first place, 1,400 honorary lecturers will be made permanent. The announcement will be released soon.
Similarly, temporary office workers, including the stenographer working in government universities, are likely to be made permanent, according to higher education sources.

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