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Samurdhi District Secretariat of Batticaloa District Yogeswaran's accusation!

Batticaloa district parliamentarian Srinithampi Yogeswaran alleges that while the Samurdhi banks have 3 thousand 520 million rupees of funds, the government does not provide the funds to the people, and some officials are making them miserable.The school equipment was provided to the students by the Association of Disabled People yesterday (Sunday). While speaking at the event, he mentioned the chief guest. As he spoke,"While large amounts of money have been placed in the Samurdhi district of Batticaloa District, people have been forced to commit suicide by using microfinance in financial institutions.Some Samurdhi officers use credit for the names of foreign nationals and use them for their needs. Some places have been falsely signed and received.In addition to this, an amount of Rs. 57 lakh was stolen on Samurdhi community fund.The Minister has assured me that I will examine the Samurdhi banks in the Batticaloa district and take up the money.Therefore, legal action is taken against the looters of the people, and they should be stopped from their jobs. "

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