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Siddha medicine to heal jaundice

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Some eyes were fine and suddenly turned into yellow. It should not be taken so easily. If the eyes become yellow, it is a dangerous disease that can kill life.

Yellow jaundice is caused by the breakdown of hormoglobine bilirubin in our blood.

Bilirubin first attains our liver and leaves the stomach through the bile duct.

But if this does not happen, the bilirubin will remain in our skin and the eyes become yellow and the problem will be a problem.
The symptoms of turquoise

Symptoms of fatigue, weakness, body erosion, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach, goatness, shortness of breath and yellowish urine.
Medical tips to treat jaundice

Grind the leaf and root, grind the millet in the millet and the jaundice will soon be cured. Add half a spoon of water in the water.
Take the size of the leaf leaf and add two glasses of water to half a glass and mix it with sugar.
You can add half a spoon of salt and sprout leaf and add half a spoon of salt to it.

50 grams of gooseberry, 50 grams of cumin and a jaggery in the morning and evening for a week to eat.

Spoon a spoon and add half a glass of water in the sprout and soak for about an hour.

Take the cumin in extracts, add 4 grams of powdered sugar, 2 grams of sugar and 2 grams of sugar.

Half of the leaf and honey are taken in half and three days in the morning, there is a small amount of lemon and then eat a powdery grill.

To avoid

People with jaundice need to avoid the dyeing animation and avoid excess oil, ghee and curd

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