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Sidhalakshmi Recovery from 'Enga veedu Maapplai.

Actress Seethalakshmi rescued from her homeSivadalakshmi, who was trapped in Kerala, has been recovered safely.

Floods in Kerala resulted in floods in several rivers. Many districts were flooded because 33 dams in the state were opened.

Actress Seethalakshmi rescued from her home
Sethalakshmi was also affected by this flood. This is Sivalakshmi who was the last person to attend the home groomsman's wedding party for Arya.

When he was expecting Arya Seethalakshmi, she gave everyone a tribute. Flood water in Sithalakshmi's house.

Actress Seethalakshmi rescued from her home
We got a video at Sitalakshmi Instagram, saying that we are suffering without food and water and come and save someone. After that he and all those in the house had been safely recovered.

He then deleted the video that he had asked for help in Instagram.For More Tamil Online News-

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