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The fisherman who turned the back door for women ... elasticity in Kerala ... accumulates praise

A fisherman holds ladies in his back in Kerala Thiruvananthapuram: A fisherman who was trying to save the tigers in Kerala flooded the lady with her back in order to climb the high boats. This incident has created a flexibility. It was raining in Kerala more than 100 years ago. That is why the land is lying in the water. Rescue crews and government officials, including the National Disaster Rescue Force, are involved in rescue operations.
Local fishermen are in the field along with the national calamity rescue team. They find and find out where they are, women, children and aged people who are not able to escape.

Fishermen, who volunteer to volunteer, are praising the volunteer organizations in social networks. At that time, Jaisal, a 30-year-old fisherman, has converted his backstairs to women, spreading rapidly in societies. When she was working in Thanoor area, women in the area tried to climb the rescue boat. Without guessing, Jaisal left the boat and moved his back into a stadium. He then encouraged the girls to take a little hesitant. Jessel's actions are praised by the public and fellow rescue crews.

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