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The Government of Kerala announced the floods as a serious natural disaster

Image result for Kerala announced the floodsThe Kerala High Court has been sued for demanding to declare Kerala floods as national disaster. The federal government said, "There is no place for declaring anything that is national calamity. It's just a word that sounds like the words. Otherwise, Kerala has declared floods in the third phase (Level 3) as a natural disaster.
In the last five days, the fifth time the National Crisis Management Commission has reviewed the relief work in Kerala. The Kerala Chief Secretary, who participated in Video Conferencing, said that the rains had fallen in Kerala and the flood water had begun. Several central ministries officers, senior military officers and disaster management officials attended the meet.

Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Department has sent 100 metric tonnes of pulses and grains to Kerala. More than 52 metric tons of medical emergency drugs have been sent by plane. More than 20 metric tons will arrive here today. 20 metric tons of bleaching powder and one million chlorine supplements will be sent tomorrow. 12 medical teams are ready. No diagnoses have been detected yet.

The Power Ministry sends electricity meter, shaft, and transmars to help restructure the power supply. Telecommunications has brought 77,000 towers across 85,000 towers in the state. All of the 1407 telephony exchanges are functional except 13. The Special Assistance Number (1948) has also been initiated to find more disappeared persons.

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry has handed over 12000 liters of kerosene to Kerala. There are also measures to issue sufficient LPG cylinders. There is enough fuel for the aircraft.

Livestock feed has been sent to 450 metric tons. Veterinary medicines have also been sent. Milk and milk powder are provided by the Veterinary Care & Dairy Department.

Railway has announced that it will bring relief supplies including drinking water free of charge.

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