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The leaders of the media company to interfere with mobile phones

There are reports that many of the leaders of the country's media companies have been hampered by the mobile phones today.
The Daily Mirror reported on 8th of the day that the government has begun to tap and monitor the phone conversations of the selected key figures.
It is mentioned in the special section of Nugegoda.
Parliamentarian Dulas Alahapperuma, who participated in the media meeting on 8th,
Dallas Alahapperuma stated that the telephone calls of the heads of the media were being tapped under the supervision of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, with the assistance of Nec, imported equipment from Japan for the country's security.
Furthermore, he added that the phone calls made by the opposition's phone calls and politicians in the government are being tapped.
Dulce Alahapperuma pointed out that recently the MP Ravouf Hakeem was tapped.
The Daily Mirror also reported that phone conversations are being monitored under the Deputy Inspector General of Police.
In the background, several complaints have been registered regarding the disruption of special mobile phones.
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