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The power of the people: the elephant that killed the elephant and the dead boy, the people who are waterless

People who traveled home and have been informed about the death of 18 year old Shivlingam Janardan wild elephant.
Janardan is the youngest son of a family of two brothers.
Janardhan died in the attack on the elephant that entered the village of Malaiyarkattu on the border of Batticaloa-Ampara districts at 5 am today.
The body is now being kept in hospital.
The inhabitants of the Malayalees live in the midst of the threat of elephants.
Some of the problems that people today have known to the power houses
The Ampara - Central camp population is inadequate for agriculture

The people of Tharapatti, Vechcholai, Weeramunai and Atapallam village are suffering from the water issue and the threat of elephants.
With the lack of moral schools, the Konkala village students can not study morality education.
Kurunegala - Mahananeria - People have been affected economically by irrigation of agriculture in VanniAmmanakole village. Elephants are also threatening them.

Flooding in the main road leading to Vilakala village is heavy rainy season
People are concerned that they can not.
Humphantota - People's Power House was able to discern that the people of Sola Vewa and Ganghapalassa were drinking water.

Although there are 11 buildings in the Mahalwewa Juni school, students use only five classrooms in three buildings. Others are in ruins.
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