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The purpose of distributing powers to all - Sumanthiran

Tamil National Alliance Parliament Member MA Sumanthiran said the purpose of the new Constitution is to distribute powers to all. He said this in a discussion held in Ratnapura today (Sunday) regarding constitutional creation. He further said, "The Constitution is a social contract, yet we have not had a social contract despite having 3 constituencies. The sixth Chief Minister of the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) The 7th Chief Minister of the Union has said in relation to the dismissal of the post of Governor. However, we do not include it in the new constitution. Therefore, the main purpose of the proposed social contract is to distribute power to all residents of Sri Lanka within a single country that is not divided. In this country, the first was introduced by SWRD Bandaranaike. This is the first time that the two main parties in the government are in the government. In addition, all the political parties have participated in it, and this opportunity should never be missed. "

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