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There is no mistake of losing her virginity before marriage: the famous actress ..

Image result for Yashika AnandActress Yashika Anand says that there is nothing wrong in losing women's virginity before marriage. Yashika Anand is famous for the adulterated comedy movie 'Root Pook' in the dark room.
Those who saw the image could not be talking about Yashika. Yashika is a girl who does not have sexy clothes in the film.
Yashika did not notice the reviews that she would be like if she had acted in the movie Adult Comedy.
Yashika has said that many people have been blamed for 3 kinds of bad words and it is their wish. Yashika holds the right to criticize their right to discriminate.
Yashika has said that women are not at fault for losing their virginity before marriage. Not scooty, but bullet driven by Yashika's interviews is very much an answer.
Yashika is being released on social networks by wearing glamorous clothes in the dark room and in the realm of reality. The comments he made when he published some photos have double meaning.

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