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A candidate has quit in Quebec due to drunken driving charges

19690812Guy Laglayer, the candidate of the political province of Quebec provincial party Keikka, has withdrawn his candidacy for a few weeks to the provincial election.

He has issued a notification on returning his candidacy following the allegation that he was accused of driving a vehicle against a police officer in drunken driving.

This issue was revealed in a statement last Wednesday.

In his statement, he pointed out that this decision was taken only with regard to the welfare of the party, even though it is possible to be freed from this charge.

It is noteworthy that he will be promoted in the forthcoming 21st day before the election ten days ago.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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