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Minister Wijapasakar to be dismissed - MK Stalin, Ramadoss, GK Vasan's report

அமைச்சர் விஜயபாஸ்கரை பதவி நீக்கம் செய்ய வேண்டும்- மு.க.ஸ்டாலின், ராமதாஸ், ஜி.கே.வாசன் அறிக்கைCBI chargesheet in Gudka scam Political leaders have demanded that Minister Vijayapaskar should resign following the trial.

DMK leader Mukha Stalin: -

Tamilnadu Health Minister Vijayabaskar, former Chennai Metropolitan Commissioner George, Tamil Nadu Police DGP DK I welcome the CPI raided in all the police officers in the Gudka scam, including Rajendran.

The CBI has been handed over to the CBI by today's Supreme Court ruling that the three Chief Ministers, two Chief Secretaries and Bribe Officers of the AIADMK have been trying to cover the Gudkawa scandal, and now there are rallies in more than 40 places. Messages are coming.

DGP, who was asked to inquire about the letter sent by the Income Tax Department to save the police officers and migrant wizards from the Gudka Gudon chairman, The regime was very disrespectful, with Ashok Kumar resigning night by night. The Chief Secretary Rammohanra, who did not disappear that letter, saved no shame. Then there was a scandal that the Chief Secretary Girija Vaidyanathan had filed for the affidavit in the High Court.

After the crisis of the DGPs and the name of the Minister to be included in the inquiry, the additional DGP of Manjunatha, who was the Director of Bribery Scam, was thrown out of there.

DMK The CBI The Madras High Court ordered the inquiry. The Chief Minister supported the decision to appeal the Supreme Court to put a shop position in the health department against the judgment. But since the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, the CBI has now questioned Gupta Gudon President Madhavrao in the Gudka case. Based on the evidence available, the raid has been conducted by the Police Department and the Minister of Health. Therefore, based on the confession of the Gudka Principal, and based on the initial evidence, the CPI The ride is noteworthy.

Minister Wijaya Bhaskar, who was ridden for gutka scandal, If Rajendra is the head of the famous Tamil Police and continues to last for a minute, it will be the biggest drag and wicker for democracy, honesty justice and police administration.

Hence the health minister and the DGP should immediately resign their positions and resign immediately. If he does not resign, the Governor of Tamilnadu, Vijayapraskar and Tamil Nadu DGP DK I urge you to dare Rajaseendam without any delay. This phenomenon has created a hoax for Tamil Nadu. If the constitution's legal systems are still fun, history will not forgive those involved.

PMK. Founder Dr. Ramadoss: -

Health Minister V Vijayabaskar, Additional Superintendent of Police (CPI-M) in more than 40 places owned by police officers in the case relating to the acquisition of banned drugs in Tamil Nadu illegally. Officials are conducting research.

In the case of the conspiracy to cover up the gutka scandal, these tests are conducted to identify the real culprits in that case.

The Tamil Nadu Bribery Prevention Division did not include the names of the Minister and the Police Superintendent of Police in the case. Denied. The CBI, which did not specifically mention the name of the CBI, is conducting the tests on the grounds that it may be linked to the case.

The CBI is investigating whether anyone can contact Gudka scandal and are in the houses of the first source evidence. Officials are being tested. In that sense, the CPI It is confirmed that all those under trial will be included in the Gudsa scam case.

Minister Wijaya Bhaskar and all the top police officers are convinced that they will be included in the Gudka scandal and can not accept them allowing them to continue in office and work. Therefore, he will no longer be reluctant to dismiss and dismiss minister Wijayapaskar and all those involved in the case.

He said so.

Tamil Nadu Congress leader GK Vasan

Today, the Tamil Nadu Health Minister and the Tamil Nadu DGP of the Central Intelligence Gudku We believe that the CBI will soon be able to prove the evidence of corruption and wrong evidence in 40 places suspected.

Just as the end of the test has not yet been known,For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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