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Sardora - 2018 official logo for the president

For the first time since the 105th anniversary of the scourge of Dharmaraja's College and the 40th anniversary of the college's old scout movement, steps have been taken to conduct a Disaster Management Plan for the scouts of the country.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Disaster Management and National Disaster Management Center, the project will be held at Lake Lavich Park International Scenery Center at Dharmaraja College from 21st to 23rd and is named as "Sartora-2018", with its first official logo to President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (18) Dressed up in the body.

The President of the Disaster Management Minister Duminda Dissanayake was enlisted by the President of the Sri Lanka Scout Association Commissioner Merrill Gunathilake,For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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