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The London Court will pronounce judgment on December 10 in the case of Vijay Mallya

விஜய் மல்லையாவை நாடு கடத்தும் வழக்கில் லண்டன் கோர்ட்டு டிசம்பர் 10-ம் தேதி தீர்ப்பு வழங்குகிறது

Mallya is in London, where he is found guilty of more than 9,000 crore rupees in Indian banks. The London Metropolitan Court has been prosecuted for questioning in India and is being investigated.

In the court of the Indian authorities and the Maliya side, the arguments were presented in court. Meanwhile, if Vijay Mallya is deported to India, he is planning to shelter him at the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai, even if he is convicted by Indian courts during the trial. The London Court ordered to file a video of the prison custody, which was submitted to the Government of India.

Following this, the trial of the case was held today. During the trial, IDP officers are well aware of losses to Kingfisher. There are no fundamental sources of government allegations that Mallya hid losses while looking into the emails of IDBI officials. There is no evidence to suggest that Mallya has demanded a bank loan for cheating. "

On April 27, the CBI filed a case against Mallya and IDBI Bank's deputy managing director PK Bapra in connection with a joint venture. The court said that the evidence is acceptable. On December 10, the court ruled that Mallya will be deported to the country after the bilateral investigation ends. Judge Emma Arbuthnath said that the verdict on 10th will be issued.

 The UK Home Minister will sign a two-month amnesty order to send Mallya to the country if the case is handed over to the Indian government in the case. If it is against the verdict, both the Government of India and Mallya can appeal to the London High Court.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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