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Youth death: Apollo Hospital orders Rs 57 lakh compensation

இளைஞர் மரணம்: அப்போலோ மருத்துவமனை ரூ.57 லட்சம் இழப்பீடு வழங்க உத்தரவுThe Apollo Hospital has ordered a compensation of Rs 57.74 lakh in the patient's death.

People from Odisha State Bejijapur Their son, Abanikumar, was working at Chennai Reddy Laboratory in Chennai at a salary of 30 thousand rupees. His friends and parents have been informed that his condition is bad, as he was admitted to Chennai Apollo Hospital on October 15, 2003 due to hemorrhoids. His parents refused to allow him to see him and said they had a ventilator and anesthesia.

But on November 2, anesthetist and cosmetic specialist said that a sudden heart attack and stroke occurred. He then claimed that he had died at 1 pm, without treatment. They have collected 3 lakh rupees for 15 days of treatment.

The hospital's service is defective for her son's death and the neglect of the doctors. So, the Tamil Nadu State Consumer Consumer Dispute Reduction Court in Madras demanding a compensation of 96 lakh rupees. The case members of the case were K.Baskaran and SM Murugesan. At that time Avani Guru had been reported to have suffered a sudden stroke and a heart attack and that he had not been affected by it. Furthermore, it was reported that there was no medical care or lack of service.

Members also examined the documents by listening to bilateral arguments. When Abani Kumar was diagnosed with a heart attack, what kind of treatment was given and the hospital did not fully prove the details of why the anesthetics were given. The hospital and the doctors decided to cause the death of Abaniakum. So ordered the Apollo Hospital and two doctors to compensate her family.

Accordingly, Abaniakumu's death was paid Rs 44 lakh 64 thousand rupees. More than 10 lakh rupees were paid to the parent's discomfort and Rs. A total of 57 lakhs and 74 thousand rupees were issued by the hospital and two doctors. They ordered this money to be paid within 6 days from the date of proceedings with 4% interest.For More Tamil Online News- -செய்திகள் ,தமிழ் செய்திகள் தமிழ் ஆன்லைன் செய்திகள்

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