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10 thousand released in theaters, did not get rilicak - missed the 2.0 crew

Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar's performance in Shankar's direction was released in 10 thousand theaters worldwide, and finally did not release in the IMAX Theater. # 2Point0 #Rajinikanth #AkshayKumar

Rajinikanth's '2.0' film is coming in at around 10 thousand theaters worldwide today.

'2.0' is a live Tamil film with Rs. For the first time in the Indian film industry, Earlier it was reported that, like Hollywood films, the IMAX Theater had signed a 2.0 film screening. But the movie is not released in the IMAX Theater.

Due to the delay in completing the film's final work, the film did not release the image in the IMAX Theater. However, the film is planning to release the 2.0 image on the IMAX screen in 2 weeks. With the release of 2.0 on the IMAX screen, the movie will be the first Tamil film to be screened in the movie 2.0.

The film is the first Tamil film to be made in 3D technology.

It has created the sound system for the first time in 4D sound technology. Indian films were all talked about in Pakukulai, collections and the world. Similarly, the 2.0 film is expected to reach parallel to Hollywood films. # 2Point0 #Rajinikanth #AkshayKumar

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