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7 new air pollution within Pongal - private meteorologist

பொங்கலுக்குள் 7 புதிய காற்றழுத்தம் உருவாகும்- தனியார் வானிலை ஆய்வாளர் தகவல்
The Meteorological Department of Delhi, Chennai, has been regularly reporting on weather conditions.

Many of the private meteorologists are also predicting weather forecasting.

Today's private meteorologist Selvakumar said:

Yesterday, the windmill level in the Bay of Bengal had crossed the shore near Sirkazhi yesterday and was now in southern Karnataka and Kerala, Mettur Dam, in Tamil Nadu.

It is now in Tamil Nadu due to the wind rotation. Dry rains in Tamil Nadu from tomorrow (till 25th) to 28th.

So there is a facility for relief work, relief work, relief work in the storm affected Delta district.

The rains leave at least 24 hours every day in 29 days, 30 and 30 December.

Northeast monsoon is more than normal. There is a favorable situation for the north-east monsoon to pongal festival.
On December 5, the following is a lowdown on December 29, a lowdown on December 12, a lowdown on December 18 and 20, a fall in the 25th, 29, 30, 31, and January 1 Position, on January 8, there are seven, low-level positions as a low level.

Two of them are likely to become storms. One is to come to South Tamil Nadu and the other for Tamil Nadu.

It is expected that in the last phase of the monsoon on December 10, it will be expected to receive heavy rainfall in the entire district of Tamil Nadu, with the average rainfall being higher than the average rainfall, Delta, and more than 30 per cent in the Western Ghats and southern districts.

Whatever rain is late, the rains will last till the end of December. And yet there is good rain in the first of January 15. In the first week of January there is a lot of rain.

He said so. #Rain #PrivateWeather

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