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A 50-year-old teacher who was abducted by a 18-year-old student

2வது முறையாக 18 வயது மாணவியை மயக்கி கடத்திச் சென்ற 50 வயது ஆசிரியர்Rajkot,

Taurav Trivedi (50) was from Rajkot city in Gujarat. A school teacher, she was kidnapped by a student six months ago. Then the police arrested Trivedi. Trivedi, who was out on parole on August 10 last year, ran to the 18-year-old Finance Gakar, another student who had accompanied him.

The police did not find them yet. As a result, Kakkari's parents have been shocked by shock and sadness. In this case, if you find her daughter and Trivedi Rs. The parent's poster is being hit as a street on the road to pay 1 lakh. Trivedi often has trouble with police to find her because she is changing her location.

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