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Adding to the Proposal Order book to stop the financial allocation

The debate will not be held in 29

The Parliamentary Secretary-General's Office said that the proposal to suspend the financial allocation of the Prime Minister's secretary was attached to the Parliament Order Book. This proposal is also included in the Order Book on 29th.

The Cabinet has been dissolved since the no-confidence motion against the government passed on the 14th. Speaker officially announced on 15th of this matter.

The Prime Minister's secretary has no power to spend the government funds on 15th since the idea that the council is not trusting the Prime Minister,

The idea is to take legal action if it is violated.

The UNP parliamentarians Naveen Dissanayake, Ravi Karunanayake, Nalakka Prasad, Kavitha Jayawardana and Hectar Apahami handed this proposal to the Parliamentary Secretary last week.

On 29th of this day, they announced that it would be taken to the discussion.

Minister SB Dissanayake;

However, the Prime Minister's Secretary, DS Dissanayake told Dinakaran that the proposal to suspend the financial allocation of the Prime Minister's Secretary was not taken into consideration and will not be taken into consideration.

Whether or not the Finance Minister or the Minister of Finance can take care of it.

He said that he could not bring this motion to the Opposition, who in the last days made a no-confidence motion and announced that the cabinet had been dissolved.

It has brought this proposal in its base. The decision of the parliamentary selector will decide whether the proposal will be included in the Order book.

He said that the committee would soon decide on parliamentary activities after the appointment.

Meanwhile, parliamentary sources have announced that they have not announced their names yesterday and no party.

The 12 members will be appointed and the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Deputy Chairman of the Committee and Leader of the Opposition will be elected.

Shams Behim

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