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Chola travel must be pursued - Selvaraghavan is interested

Thousands of the film taken in Tamil with the Chola background of the 12th century. Selvaraghavan directed Karthik, Reema Sen and Andrea.

The film was released in 2010 and was seen as an important film of Tamil cinema. Selvaraghavan team created a new storytelling story in Tamil.

But Selvaravan's frequent question is whether 'new' 2, 'thousandth one 2' will come. He will also relax the fans by saying that he will definitely come. In the meantime, Selvaraghavan has been astonished by the fans who share his desire on Twitter. He said on Twitter that he is a long time to take 2. In a statement, he said, "Whenever you go out, friends ask when they say 'new' 2. I will say that will happen. However, in my mind, the tila sound is to take 'a thousand one 2'. Chola's journey is a long time thirsty in me. " #AyirathilOruvan2 #CholanJourney #Selvaraghavan
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