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Do not share in my song? - Release by Ilayaraja

Music composer Ilayaraja has released a video emphasizing the patent of his songs. #Ilayaraja #Royalty

Ilayaraja has released a video insisting on her songs.

He says: -

Prior to singing my songs, I was allowed to do the things I had before, and it was legitimate to do things. Otherwise the offense is legal.

You have to realize that those who sing without reciprocity before me or those who read music are wrong. Action will be taken if violation.

So far I was a member of the IPRS (Organization for Indian Creative Patenting). Since I am not a member now, I have been entitled to the South Indian Film Musicians Association for the right to charge the royalty that I have collected on my behalf.

Aipiares. I would like to inform you that instead of the organization, the musicians association will charge this royalty. The singers and the singers will include all of this. You need to understand that I am not harassing you to sing. The royalty is not the amount of royalty you pay for the song you are singing.

If you sing for free, you can sing for free. There is no need to pay for it. Understand this. Do you buy money? My song is going to go without money. The stock is a small sum.

We are asking for the role of law. This will be a big step for the coming generation. Understand the example of the front.

He said so. #Ilayaraja #Royalty

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