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Election Commission inquiry into complaints of Amit Shah and Joshi

அமித்ஷா, ஜோஷி மீதான புகார்கள் குறித்து தேர்தல் கமிஷன் விசாரணை

In the context of the 5 state elections, ruling BJP and major opposition Congress leaders are engaging in a fierce battle in the midst of an election campaign.

Some Congress Leaders have personally attacked Prime Minister Modi's parents as caste. The former prime minister and the chairperson of the Rajasthan state Congress, CBJ Joshi spoke of Modi's caste in the election campaign.
In this, the BJP filed a complaint with the Election Commission. The Election Commission also sent a notice to CBJ. CBJJ has written a letter to the Election Commission in his first reply. He also asked to give him time to give a complete explanation.

Similarly, BJP president Amit Shah has lodged a complaint with Anand Kumar, state head of the state legislature in connection with an election campaign in Jaipur. He also submitted a video of Amit Shah's speech.

Amit Shah said, "When people ask what they are doing to Congress for the benefit of the people, they want people to pick up their sleeves." Moreover, such candidates should be prevented from entering your village, going into the area and engaging in the campaign.

The Election Commission has mobilized evidence for Amit Shah's controversial comment.

Apart from them, Congress leaders Rajpopar and Vilasrao Muthemwar also expressed their disagreement over Prime Minister Modi's parents. Reacting to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi should take responsibility for this.

Modi has been hitting hard for Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in the election campaign for the past three days.

In reply, Rahul Gandhi is criticizing the prime minister, Modi, the liar, the promising, the corrupt, the insulting leader of the country.

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