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GV Prakash - Vimal at Gaza Storm Damage Field

The Ghazi storm ran eight districts, including the districts of the Tanjore Delta. Where the situation may take another month to return to normalcy. So much needs relief assistance.

Some of the actors from the film industry announced relief fund. Some actors go to the places where they are directly affected.

Kamal Haasan made a two-day trip to relief work in the districts of Tanjore Delta. He had personally congratulated those who worked day and night and congratulated them.

He went to Tanjore district last night with Kasturi Water Builder.

GV Prakash, who visited his group with the storm affected by the Ghaz, announced two numbers to approach the procurement of coconut.

He requested the government to give advice to the farmers about short-term crops and study the sand quality of the affected area.

In this video, he said:

After realizing that the delta areas affected by the ghazal storm are real. Millions of trees fall off.

Electricity is one or two months to come. All government and social activists are working. No matter how much work you do. It takes several months to bring back the situation back.

Millions of coconuts and coconuts fall here. Looking at the time, merchants are trying to buy less expensive things. This is wrong. Merchants need to buy regular market price.

We need help. Delta is the place where the roulette is the world. This is what we can do to help people buy good market prices.

We are going to arrange to export the juice in bulk. I care for young people and students from the Jallikattu struggle. They volunteerly come to the field to do good for the people without asking their parents. Such volunteer youth and students should help the people of the Delta District.

He has said so.

Actor Wimal visited areas affected by the storm in the town of Trichy. He saw the damage caused by the storm at the school in Pannangambu village where he studied and worked with the electricity workers there.

Speaking to reporters, he said, "The youngsters in other districts need to come to rescue jobs to rush the rescue operations in 4 affected districts. It is painful to see here all the sheep, the cows and the losing trees. Farmers have no livelihood, like abandoned. The central government should provide funds for relief work. "

Rajini, Vijay, Surya and Dhanush are doing relief aid through their fans. Vijay and Surya frequently contact their fan executives and get information on the field details.

It was reported yesterday that Rajini Sterlite was going to visit the Delta districts as Thoothukudi had during the riot. But it is not sure. The actors have provided relief funds to the state and are working directly on the field without working in the relief work. #GajaCycloneRelief #GVPrakashKumar #Vemal

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