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How to convert your photos into Watts Stickers?

உங்களது புகைப்படங்களை வாட்ஸ்அப் ஸ்டிக்கர்களாக மாற்றுவது எப்படி?Facebook's Watts Agency recently handed the sticker feature to its customers. Sticker facility was already included with photos already included, including gif and emoji. Android and IOS Sticker facility is provided on devices.

With some stickers already available for Android users, Google Play supports third party stickers and downloads. Users can also use their photos as stickers. Let's continue to see how to do this.

First you need to verify that your smartphone has a VateApp 2.18 or higher. Go to Google Play Store and probably not have to update WattsPay processor.

You should now choose the photo you want to use.

The selected photos should be converted to PNG format. When doing so, there is nothing in the background of the photo.

To do this on the smartphone, go to Google Play Store and use the Background Eraser processors.

Now you have to choose a photo that you want to change as a sticker. Auto, Magic or Manual Tool can be used to clear the snacks.

To make the photo sticker look like a grap. You need to save the photo in PNG format. After doing so, your photo will look like a sticker.

Similarly, at least three stickers should be created. Watts stick sticker must have at least three photos.

Now go to PlayStore and download 'Personal Stickers for WhatsApp' processor and install it. This processor will automatically exploit the stickers you've created.

Click on the 'Add' button in the process and click on the 'Add' option again.

When you do this, open the Chat window and click on the Smiley icon. Click the sticker icon next to the Geoff option and click the photo sticker you create.

The unique stickers you've created are in your sticker bunk. Next time you will need to use some more steps to create new stickers.***For More Tamil Online News- -Tamil Online News Paper, Jaffna News, Sri Lanka News, India News, Chennai News, Tamil Nadu News, Cinema News, Tamil Cinema movies News, Canada News, World News..#Tamilnews , #Jaffnanews, #Srillankanews, #indiaNews , #Tamilmovies, #Tamilcinemanews தமிழ் செய்திகள், செய்தி, செய்திகள், இலங்கை செய்திகள்

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