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"I will drink poisons if I do not win and win" BJP minister's suicide threat

“ஓட்டு போட்டு வெற்றிபெறச் செய்யாவிட்டால் வி‌ஷம் குடிப்பேன்” பா.ஜனதா அமைச்சர் தற்கொலை மிரட்டல்Jaipur,

In the five states that meet the Assembly elections, Rajasthan will also include. Rajasthan Assembly elections will be held on December 7. There is a contest between Congress and BJP. Polls are likely to emerge as the Congress government in the state. Despite the criticism against the government, Chand Krirapani is the urban development and housing minister in the state.

He is contesting for the third time in Nimbahara constituency in Chittorgarh district. He was involved in the election campaign and spoke very emotionally. "If you do not succeed and do not succeed, I will commit suicide by poisoning," he said. Asked by reporters, "I'm tender. I have been asked to vote on that basis because we have a lot of development work in the constituency. "

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